Frequency Ventures management has deep relationships with US venture capitalists, accelerators and incubators in the technology software sector. We have  local Australian investor networks including wealth management funds, superannuation funds, and institutional investors.
The unique combination of personal and professional networks spanning over 20 years in the USA and Australia enables Frequency Ventures to provide access to US based technology investments.
Frequency Ventures focus on high growth technology venture funds that invest in software. We work with Silicon Valley incubators, accelerators and venture funds that have a proven track record investing in disruptive software solutions that address offline seismic shifts in human behavior.
Risk management is a key driver in Frequency Ventures selection criteria of investment opportunities. The rigorous evaluation criteria that start ups face prior to being accepted into US based incubators and accelerators is a key foundation. Frequency Ventures management has direct experience in investing capital alongside US venture capitalists and understand the due diligence process.
Assessment and compliance are core principals at Frequency Ventures. Frequency Ventures helps ensure risk management systems are in place, monitoring compliance processes, undertaking due diligence for potential investments, selection of criteria for investments, and post-recommendation investment monitoring. 
We take a holistic approach to assessing any conflicts of interest and business risk associated with all aspects of information technology, human resources, outsourcing and financial management.