Aussie Superfund Visits US Venture Capitalists

Lat month, a senior investment officer of one of the largest Australian Superannuation funds and Marc Phillips, Investment Director of Frequency Ventures, met together with general partners of several venture capital firms in San Francisco.

Frequency Ventures has confirmed allocation into US Series A Venture Capital funds which is sparking interest from Australian Superannuation funds who look to invest in new markets.

While some in the capital markets in Australia have argued venture capital investment by Australian Superannuation funds are token marketing exercises to appeal to the younger cohort of their members, there is much more to it than  chasing unicorn status investments like Lime Scooters which elegantly lined the sidewalk in South Park as we walked between meetings.

The surge in Australian Superannuation funds under management and investments into local Australian VC funds has provided international opportunities where local Australian tech companies attract later stage A & B  capital rounds from US investors.

Frequency Ventures provides access for Australian Superannuation funds to serial Silicon Valley venture capital funds with proven return on investment and disbursements to limited partners.

Through our extensive relationships built over decades, helping hardworking Aussies achieve higher returns from their industry superannuation fund by securing allocations into higher return asset classes such as technology venture capital is our mission.

Networking is a large part of how Silicon Valley operates and we also enjoy helping Australian superannuation investment executives meet our network of investors and start up technology executives. Enjoying a ball game watching our beloved San Francisco Giants at AT&T Park in downtown San Francisco was a great way to end the day of intense investment roadshow meetings. #GoGiants.